The young girl of the 21st century is under attack. She is struggling between what her mother, who belongs to another generation tells her, and the e-information of her own generation. She really is not sure what to follow. But she has to live each day. So you find her tottering between following her mother and being socially correct. If her mother is a victim of her own generation, then the girl has an even bigger dilemma. Surely there must be a better way – A road that has been tried, tested and proven, that works no matter what generation we belong to. Is it possible that we were created to be victims of our generation? After all, the biblical injunction is to rule, dominate, and subdue. If that is so, why do we have so many young women making poor choices and rendering themselves victims of a wicked world? Our world is full of broken, hurting, confused and even destroyed young women. On the other hand we have the few who just seem to get it right. Their dreams are fulfilled. They overcome the odds and are pleased with their lives. What makes the difference? DOVE EYES is the answer to that question.


Dove Eyes is a ministry of encouragement, edification and motivation that is based on Christian principles. Our ministry is targeted at young women in particular but is gender friendly. Any young person male or female who needs Godly counsel on issues can benefit from our ministry. We try to bring home the relevance of these Bible bases principles to the everyday issues. We air a radio program with the same name, Dove Eyes which addresses issues like Marriage, Dating, Career choices, Entrepreneurship, Dressing, Lesbianism ,Rape, Education, Exam Malpractice, Pregnancy, Divorce etc as they affect women. The program is Hosted by Chinwe Kalu. Dove Eyes made her debut on the 6th of April 2008 in Lagos on Ray Power 100.5FM. It was on are for almost 3 years. Dove Eyes Airs in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania,on Choice FM 102.6. It is hosted by Judith Namazzi. It is about to resume broadcast in Lagos soon.


Chinwe Kalu is a woman who loves the Lord. She has passion to teach women in particular and young people in general Biblical principles in contemporary modern day methods. She uses both secular and Bible based platforms to get her message across. She leverages her skills, talents and experience to help women appreciate and maximize the God Factor in every facet of their lives. Chinwe’s love for people and passionate desire for the well being of fellow women is what gave birth to Dove Eyes. She has counseled lots of women through difficult situations since the inception of Dove Eyes.


To help women in particular and young people in general find and fulfill their purpose in life. Her mission is to teach Biblical principles and help people find encouragement, wisdom, understanding and strength to enable them fulfill their God given purpose and destiny.


Chinwe’s love for people and passionate desire for the well being of fellow women is a God planted seed that finds fruition in teaching Bible based principles that help to address every issue in life. Her extrovert, open, agreeable nature and easy style make it easy for her to warm her way into the hearts of her audiences. She believes her life is the book people should read to find wisdom. She ministers from her life experiences to make it easier for her audiences to accept her teachings. It makes it real.